Ankle Brace - Compression Support Sleeve - Adjustable Stabilizer Straps

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  • Adjustable straps for improved ligament stabilization
    The figure eight strapping system provides the same stability as athletic taping, but is much simpler to apply, gentle on the skin, breathable and easily fits into a shoe. In addition, the strap maintains its stability during rigorous activities, unlike tape.
    • 3D Air knit technology for maximum breathability and comfort
    The 3D Knit Brace is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking and washable. It allows maximum freedom of movement combined with maximum ankle stabilization.
    • Compression for optimal athletic performance
    The 3D Air Knit Material provides medical grade compression to boost circulation and reduce damaging muscle vibrations. Joint, tendon and ligament loads are reduced.
    • Improved confidence

    Medical standard compression not only boosts circulation, but also provides positive sensory motor feedback. This enhanced feedback can translate to improved confidence and reduced injury rates.


    Figure eight elastic straps mimic taping and deliver arch and ankle joint support

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    elizabeth cramer
    nice product

    I bought this for ankle instability caused with multiple sprains in earlier decades...and now I am doing Tai Chi at 70 with great effort going into balancing on an unstable ankle. This is an unobtrusive product that fits in a shoe and works.

    Vita Sheremetiev
    Stability pro

    It is a big help in my agonizing battle with tenocynovitis

    Jennifer Hatton
    Great stuff

    Helps with the walking I do every night. Gives some relief to the constant pain I have.

    Dax Pataki

    Very comfortable and solid brace for an old ankle injury. Perfect stage 1 protection

    Melanie Manuse
    super ankle brace

    this ankle brace is great and the stabilizer straps are definitely a plus depending on how much your ankle is swollen..allows you to adjust the tightness