Thigh High Compression Socks - 30-40 mmHg Support Stockings

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Thigh High Compression Stockings for Men and Women are designed to help relieve conditions associated with poor circulation including chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). 

These stockings provide 30-40 mmHg of gradient compression and help improve blood flow,  prevent edema (swelling) and reduce the discomfort caused by moderate to severe varicose veins. 

These Medical grade support stockings are manufactured with classic styling and a smooth opaque fabric that help you to remain stylish while concealing unsightly conditions.

Featuring a silicone dot stay-up top to help individuals who have trouble keeping a thigh high support stocking in place.

  • Reciprocated heel and large toe box for comfort
  • 3-D knit structure that is soft to touch and comfortable for all day wear
  • Designed with a roomy toe allowance for patients who require additional "wiggle room"
  • Reinforced heel for durability
  • Click Here for the Open Toe (Toeless) Version
  • Anti Slip silicone dot band - no more slipping! More comfort, less pinching!

Great those that need to reduce their chances of blood clotting, and for those in pre and post-operation stages, this anti-embolism support hose will certainly offer high quality compression therapy where it's needed the most. The design & construction will offer you comfort and relaxation like haven't felt from other anti-embolism stockings.

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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Monasterio
Compression Stockings

The stockings are of good quality at a fantastic price. They are helping my legs with varicose veins and all the swelling around my ankles has gone down. I highly recommend these stockings to anyone with varicose veins.

Michael Pagan
Compression thigh high socks

everything is great wearing...!!!


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Lainie D
Prescription Quality

Great compress thigh highs. I have a prescription from my doctor but the quality and compression are great and no need to find a specialty pharmacy.

Bonita Pinkerman
Great compression stockings.

My doctor wants me to wear compression stockings but my insurance will only pay for 2 pair a year. It is impossible to wear them for a year so I decided to look for some affordable ones online and found these. They are great. It’s difficult to find the thigh high ones and I was pleasantly surprised at how good these felt on. They are great!