Lace Up Ankle Brace with Adjustable Stabilizer Straps

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Adjustable straps for improved ligament stabilization - The figure eight strapping system provides the same stability as athletic taping, but is much simpler to apply, gentle on the skin, breathable and easily fits into a shoe. In addition, the strap maintains its stability during rigorous activities, unlike tape.

Maximum breathability and comfort - Our brace is super comfortable, breathable and is made of moisture-wicking materials for great odor control 

Compression for optimal athletic performance - The StabilityPro ankle Brace provides medical grade compression to boost circulation and reduce damaging muscle vibrations. Joint, tendon and ligament loads are reduced.

Improved confidence - Medical standard compression not only boosts circulation, but also provides positive sensory motor feedback. This enhanced feedback can translate to improved confidence and reduced injury rates.

DUAL FIGURE-8 STRAPS - Figure eight elastic straps mimic taping and deliver arch and ankle joint support

  • PREVENTS and/or helps RECOVER from common ankle sprains
  • SUPPORTIVE Design simulates athletic tape with figure-8 strapping pattern
  • COMPRESSION and COMFORT top strap for custom fit
  • ADJUSTABLE without unlacing or removing shoe
  • BREATHABLE ventilated tongue
  • COMFORTABLE padded lining reinforces closures
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ankle brace for arthritis

These ankle braces work great. They give support so I don't accidentally move side to side. They are great for reducing any pain!

Brace yourself !

Bought 2 of these ankle braces that are as good or better than the one my orthopedic doctor provided me and at a fraction of the cost.

Ankle brace

My son had a small crack in his ankle lost the brace from the Dr. bought your ankle brace and he loves because it is a little higher on the ankle .

Lace up ankle brace

I’ve been wearing it all day long since I received it. It is comfortable and gives me the support I need. Thanks.


Perfect! Just what I needed: secure support in an easy to adjust and wear ankle brace. Thank you!